I love games. I play a lot of games and have for a very long time. As the years went by it got harder to enjoy some of the games I was playing. After one of my favorite games was shut down, I decided it was time to try and design my own, to learn, even if no one else ever saw it. I was going to develop something I could be happy with and even though I knew all the ins and outs of the game it was something that I could truly appreciate. This game development wasn't started in the pursuit of money, fame, or any reason of that kind, it was more selfish.
I sat down with a notebook and pen deciding what I wanted in a game. I am by no means a professional, every step is a struggle but the things I have learned have empowered me to want to create the greatest possible experience I can. I set out to make a game for the gamers.


GenDeadic in its current state is just a rough crafting survival game. GenDeadic will be a massive open world story driven survival game that you will eventually be able to play solo, with friends, or even online. It will be a combination of PvP (Player vs Player) and PVE (Player vs Environment) style gameplay. As the world progresses and the storyline grows you'll be able to explore more.
I started working on GenDeadic back sometime in 2018, it started just as something fun to do, a work of love and passion. I wanted to make something that both my friends and I could enjoy. Our group has always loved survival games. So, I set out by starting with unreal engine. I didn't have an exact gameplan at the time but the more I started to learn and tinker in the program, learning things like blender and other software a plan started to grow in my mind of what I wanted.

Chris Terry